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Five Animal Frolics Qigong

The "Five Animal-Frolics" is the one of the oldest forms of Qigong known.  It utilizes the fierceness of tiger, peacefulness of deer, calmness of bear, agility of ape, and lightness of bird to train the body and mind. It can improve body strength, move blood and Qi, and relax tendons and meridians


Swimming Dragon Qigong

​Utilizing the sinuous movement of the Chinese Dragon, this Qigong helps keep the spine flexible and the balance light

Yang Family Long Form

108 postures long this is one of the most traditional recognizable forms today.   

Wu(Hao) Family Form

A rare 96 posture form of Tai Chi Chuan that focuses on upright postures, small circles and internal energy. 

Push Hands & Weapons Forms

​Push hands practice and weapons forms are the beginnings of understanding the martial art side of Tai Chi Chuan.

Here at Jade Lotus Tai Chi Chuan we have worked to keep the important traditional aspects of Tai Chi Chuan a part of our school while organizing our curriculum in a logical manner.  We have organized our curriculum into seven defined subject areas allowing students to see the breadth of this amazing art.  We recognize not every student will want to learn every subject area, it is our hope, however, that students will progress at their pace and grow to appreciate all aspects of Tai Chi Chuan.

The following subject areas are worked on to varying degrees through out a students entire Tai Chi journey.  


  • Silk Reeling
  • Stances
  • Tai Chi Ball
  • 3 external Harmony
  • 3 Internal Harmony
  • Walking Lines
  • Fajing  
  • 8 Energies


  • Temple Exercises
  • Neigong Preparatory Stretches
  • Basic Fitness
  • Advanced Fitness


  • 5 Animal Frolics
  • Zhan Zhuang
  • Wuji
  • Swimming Dragon
  • Fajing “Power” Qigong
  • Tiger Mountain
  • Five Colored Light

Hand Forms

  • Yang Long Form
  • Dong Fajin Set
  • Yang Fighting Set
  • Wa (Hao) Long Form

Weapon Forms

  • Yang Jian
  • Yang Jian 2 Person
  • Yang Dao
  • Yang Short Staff
  • Yang Short Staff 2 person
  • Wa (Hao) Jian

Throws/take downs

  • Falls
  • Throwing theory
  • Throws

Chin Na & Push Hands