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Whether you are looking for a new martial art or a meditative practice, you will love Tai Chi chuan.


Tai Chi Chuan is the most familiar and widely practiced Chinese marital art.  It is a series of self-defense forms that enable the practitioner to gradually increase flexibility and strength.   The health benefits of these flowing forms are based on centuries of successful use and refinement. People of all ages and physical abilities practice Tai Chi Chuan and can be used anywhere from a simple 'meditative' exercise to a comprehensive martial art.

Jeff Feld-gore

studied both the health and martial art aspects of Yang and Wu(Hao) Tai Chi Chuan styles for 17 years years.  In addition to studying and teaching Tai Chi Chuan & Qigong, Jeff has competed and placed well in both regional and national competitions and also published an article on the Wu(Hao) 

Our Teacher